21 Dec 2022 Update
  • Add Energy Bridge under Energy System Page.
  • Amend NFT Burning System Page.
20 January 2023 Update
  • Update Anti-Cheating System section.
6 February 2023 Update
  • Clarify the Activation Code Rule.
  • Clarify the Resilience/Repair Cost Rule.
22 February 2023 Update
  • Overview update.
  • Fix wording: Comfortability to Comfort; player to user.
  • Change default credit from 2 to 3.
6 MARCH 2023 Update
  • Add download links to the Getting Start Page.
  • Add Mystery Box System Page to explain the new Mystery Box system.
  • Add FNC Burning, Team Profit, Ecosystem Fund details to Governance & Ecosystem fund Page.
  • Update Energy System Page
  • Update Inventory System Page.
Complete basic function design, project official website online, based on BSC Chain, Fix Bugs
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